Different Lash Looks

Please remember results will vary depending on how many natural lashes you have along with the curl and length used.

I will fill on other artists work but you will need to book for a new client fill so i have extra time and you must be seen for your 1st fill 2 weeks later not 3. if i feel i cannot fill on the work then i can remove the lashes you have on and reschedule you for a full set which 50% will need to be paid at time of booking. it’s best to have a removal and full set done so i give you the exact look you want and estimate when you will need a fill.

I am a business that specializes in Volume Artistry Lashes and have taken 6 Volume courses with different companies which is why majority of my work is Volume or Mega Volume.



Volume Full Set (3 hours) - $225 

Volume Fill (1 1/2 hours) - $95

New Client Volume Fill (2 hours) - $140

A fuller look that gives that darker lash line with an eyeliner look but can still be more subtle since Volume has a lot more options with thickness and how the fans are created since they are made as I lash which is custom for everyone (most popular). Perfect for those who have very thin sparse lashes and wanted a fuller look that will hold retention better or those that love makeup and want that eyeliner look. I can also do a more natural lighter volume look.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume Full Set (3 1/2 hours) - $275

Mega Volume Fill (2 hours) - $110

New Client Mega Volume Fill (2 hours 30min) - $165

More than just Volume this gives a completely black lash line and more drama, is perfect for ladies who love the drama or one's that have very few lashes and want them even fuller than what just Volume gives

I love giving my clients options and a completely customized look to enhance their features! This is why I carry 4 different curls and 8 different thicknesses in all the curls along with lengths ranging from 5mm-16mm. In total I have 25 different options of what can be done with your lash look.

Lash Types Explained

Volume & Classic lashes are completely different looks. Classic lashes are where 1 synthetic lash attaches to 1 natural lash, usually using thicker lashes (.12, .15, .18, .20, I personally would never use a .18 or .20). Volume is a fan of lashes which can have 2-6 lashes to make a fan and that is placed on your natural individual lash. It sounds heavy and damaging but the way I am trained is the traditional Russian Volume way. Basically instead of using a thicker extension, I use either a 0.05, 0.06 or 0.07 thickness. I know it mathematically doesn't make sense but lashes aren't measured by weight they are measured on thickness which means 4 .07's don't weigh .28 it actually weighs less than one .18 extension. Volumes, if done correctly, are still not as heavy as the thickest Classic lash made and are a lot softer and lighter feeling because they are fanned out. This method is healthier on your natural lashes than Classic when done correctly and you get better retention because of the lighter weight. Classic lashes are heavy throughout the entire lash however with a volume fan the weight is just at the base, which is the area of the natural lash that can hold weight. Everyone tends to want to go to Classic because that's what they know since every trained lash artist starts out learning it and it's a cheaper option. Volume is more expensive because it's additional training, more product is used, it takes longer and every single fan is handmade immediately before it is placed on the natural lash making it a completely customized look depending on each client. As the saying goes "good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good".

With Mega Volume a 0.03 lash is used and can make a fan of 10-20 lashes while still being a healthy weight on your natural lash.

The type of people who would want Hybrid:

  • Someone who has never had lash extensions before and likes a natural look, I recommend starting with Hybrid because if you've never had lash extensions before then it can be dramatic for you and a change in your look until you get used to the change.

  • A person that doesn't usually wear makeup or mascara

The type of people that would want Volumes:

  • People with a very little amount of lashes to give a fuller look and not have gaps

  • People who want a darker lash line to give the appearance of eyeliner

  • Someone who has a lot of natural lashes but wants them to be dramatic and extremely full

  • Someone who has had Classic and just always wants them fuller (get ready to upgrade to the wonderful world of Volumes)

  • A person who wears a lot of eye makeup and darker eyeshadows would love volume since they stand out no matter the darkest eyeshadow.

  • Someone who wants the strip lash look

  • A person that has really thin lashes since all Volume will hold better

  • People who like to come in only once a month for a fill since Volume has better retention