Caroline - Licensed Aesthetician

I started off working as a back office medical assistant in Dermatology for 8 years, which is why I decided to further my knowledge and become an Aesthetician. I always dreamed of staying in Dermatology because I loved the medical treatment side of it, but in school I learned how to do eyelash extensions and fell in love after a little frustration. Chemical peels, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion and Microneedling have always been something that I have been passionate about since I've been getting them since I was 18. All aspects of esthetics is why I love my job and most passionate about giving people what they are wanting.

I was trained in Aesthetic school on how to do classic eyelash extensions and have since taken continuing education courses. I am certified in Classic and Volume eyelash extensions through Borboleta Beauty and I attend their refresher courses on volume and classic techniques every 2-3 months when they are in Phoenix. I also have taken a Mega Volume class with LashBox LA and an Advanced Volume Class with Maven. I want to stay up to date with eyelash extensions and the products I use because they are ever changing and the technique in eyelash extensions advances daily. It is possible to have healthy natural lashes and lash extensions, even though people say it damages the lashes, the people who say that have had bad techs that haven't been trained properly or rush to make more money!

I have also had extensive training with Rhonda Allison on their Chemical Peels, Microneedling and Customized Facials. I reach out to the ladies at Rhonda Allison often to go over new ways to use their enzymes, masks and overall products to continue to give my clients the best treatment.

I have 3 dogs that are my fur babies and I got married October 2016 to my best friend since 2008, we have a beautiful little girl who was born August 2017! My hobbies are anything esthetics and being with my family as much as I can. On the weekends my fiancé and I attend service at CCV and volunteer in the children's ministry, he is with the 2 year olds and I am with the babies!

Classic Beauty

After working in a salon and not being happy with the products and customer service by my manager I decided to just trust in God and open up my own business! I wanted to be able to offer my clients the best products and services without having to go through someone else who was about quantity instead of quality. I want Classic Beauty to be a place where women and men feel happy about themselves when they leave, which is the true meaning of being an aesthetician. It also represents the fact that even though your face is glowing and your lashes are amazing you still have a classic beauty about you that no one else has. I strive to give each client their own personalized regimen and look, and not do the same thing for everybody, because everyone is different from their eye shape to their skin tone and texture. Not everyone should have the same lengths on their lashes or the same products used in a facial as every client before! For this reason I add an additional 30 minutes on top of your scheduled appointment so I have time with you, I don't want either us to feel rushed and we have time to figure out together what it is that you are wanting. I'd rather make less money and have my clients happy instead of being greedy and rushing you out the door to get the next person in.

Because of my medical background I clean, sanitize and disinfect all of my instruments. With my eyelash extension instruments I first soak in pure acetone, then wash with antibacterial soap, place in a heated ultrasonic for 20 minutes and finally soak in Barbicide for 10 minutes. I use a multi-enzymatic instrument cleanser inside a heated ultrasonic that gets to 160 degrees fahrenheit to thoroughly clean the instruments (extractors, dermaplaning handle, eyelash instruments and tweezers). All of my cleaning agents are drained at the end of each day and freshly refilled every morning.

I will do and offer whatever I can to make your experience the best it can be because a referral is the greatest form of flattery along with future scheduling. I love having conversations with my clients and getting to build a personal relationship with them, my fiancé says I am blessed with the gift to talk, but if you just want to relax I'll turn on some relaxing music so you can escape the world for 1-3 hours.

So welcome to Classic Beauty!!! I hope to see you soon and enhance your beauty just a little bit more!